Ode To Bronx
by Gary Capizola

In the year 2010 on the 4th of November
We took a ride to Pennsylvania it's a day I'll always remember

As soon as we saw you we knew you were for us
And on the long ride home you made no fuss

When we brought you in our house it was an instant fit
You cracked me up when, with legs on the floor, on the couch you did sit

We loved you and you loved us back and that was always the way
And it continued to get better and stronger each and every day

We took you to Petsmart, for walks and rides in the cars
We could tell that you loved it because your eyes lit up like the stars

We'll never forget when we took you to meet the kids at Cindy's school
Your calmness in showing all the small children it was OK to pet you was so cool

Anytime I was gone from the house even if the minutes were few
There was one thing I knew I could count on from you

You would always be there to meet me, with tail wagging, at the door
That was the one thing I knew I could always count on for sure

You gave us seven plus years of companionship, friendship, pleasure, love and fun
And we watched you enjoy simple things like playing in the snow and soaking up sun

When you started getting seizures it scared us to hell
But with love, the Vet and medication we kept you well

However, now what you have is disease of the heart
In spite of us doing everything we can, you are falling apart

We've been faced with a decision that for us is SO HARD to make
And we pray that God will forgive us for it and your soul he will take

So it's with anguish, a sigh, with heavy a heart and a cry
That we have to say farewell because it will NEVER BE GOODBYE

No more can we let you not eat, suffer, and not mend
So it's I love you and I'll miss you my VERY BEST FRIEND!!!

REST IN PEACE BRONX (June 21, 2010 - January 31, 2018)
I will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge My Friend!!!
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