by Gayle Scarfone
Today I got to go feed with Mom, I was a bit slow but Mom waited for me. It has been a while since I have got to go feed with Mom, Im always too tired to go that far, but today is different. The last few days I have been having seizures and today they have gotten real bad but when Mom got home she took me out and Jake and even Otis was there and today I was happy to see Otis and wagged my tail because today is different. Mom has been crying since she got home and she tells me over and over how much she loves me, but she doesn't have to tell me that, I know she loves me, but today is different. I have been Moms constant companion around the farm since I was old enough to go out with her, I love my family, my kids are great but my Mom is my buddy and pal and we work together real good even though I sometimes got in the way, but today she didn't care when I got in her way and she ran to my side when I fell, picked me up, loved on me and cried, because today is different, today my pain went away, today my seizures stopped for ever, today I crossed the Rainbow Bridge to go run and play with my friends from the past. Today I said goodbye to Mom and that is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Today is different.
Goodbye Blue my buddy and the best dog I could have ever asked for
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