by George Lander
He was just a dog. Mostly Jack Russell Terrier. He showed up at my office one cold and dreary day in October of 2010. He was soaking wet and shivering. I dried him off an made him a bed beside the heating vent then went to the store across the street for a can of dog food which he quickly dispatched. Since my office was next to a pool hall I decided to take him home although we had two other dogs already there.

When my daughter Lisha first saw him it was "love at first sight" and I had to let him go home with her. He was never far from her side or her bed. Lisha had just gone through a rather ugly divorce and Hobo (I named him) was a great comfort to her. He remained with Lisha at her home on Lake Murray until the Fall of 2017 when she was diagnosed with brain cancer. She subsequently asked me to take him home when she could no longer care for him.

I have treasured him for the last two years until he passed away day before yesterday. I miss him terribly.
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