by Gina
I just want to say thank you to Oakley for loving me unconditionally. She was a brave dog and kept me going when I was ill. I have breast cancer. Oakley was ill too. She was getting tired and I so wish I could have given her a more peaceful transition to rainbow bridge but I was so sick. I didnt realise and Oakley just was there.,, She was so special. God knows how much I loved her. My husband gave her to me as a wedding present but she didn't belong to me. She was part of my Family for almost 12yrs.,, She had the best nature and common sense. I can see her now as she pranced down the street.

Oakley is with my cats Tinky, Marshall and Roo, waiting for us at the foot of Rainbow Bridge.

God help me I as so sad.

Love you always Oakley.

Gina and William
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