Bella Sarah Esperanza
by Ginger & David
We can barely breathe; our hearts are shattered into a million little pieces. We know we must put one foot in front of the other, yet sit as though paralyzed by grief.

We lost our 13 year old Bella Sarah Esperanza (beautiful hope) yesterday. She was 13 years of age and a magnificent Great Pyrenees. We had suffered the loss of our first two 'babies' a couple years before Bella was offered to us as a pup. We were reticent about surrendering our hearts again, having not healed well from the loss of Honey and Beauty. Yet there was something about Bella. We took the leap. It was one of the most wonderful, loving experiences of our lives.

Her white fur glistened as though it had thousands of diamonds mixed in. Her deep brown eyes seemed to look into our souls. Every step we took on our two acres was followed or watched by Bella. She was our 'protector,' patrolling our fence line, and barking at anything she considered unusual -- we live in a rural area. The only thing she ever wanted from us was love, and she gave love a million times over. We simply don't know how to get through this one, but we must. Bella's little companion is a miniature schnauzer, Dorie. Dorie lost her eyesight a few years ago. Today (the day after we lost Bella), Dorie seems lost; she's 'looking' for Bella.

We know nothing or no one lives forever; for everything there is a season. Yet, as I laid beside Bella yesterday before she went to the vet, our faces touching and our eyes locked together, I would have gladly given my life if it would have saved her. We know she would have done the same for us. We are so grateful to have had the privilege and honor of loving Bella, and receiving her unconditional love in return.

To all who have lost a 'family' member, we offer our deepest condolences, and pray God will comfort your heart. Thank you for this wonderful place at Rainbow Bridge where those of us who have family members with fur, feathers, etc., can gather.

Run our darling Bella! You hurt no more!! Have you seen Beauty and Honey yet? And Norman, Dolly, Daytona. Lady, P-Nut, Betsy, Missy. Buttercup....Wait for us. We will see you again one day.

All our love,
Mommy and Daddy
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