Lt. Dan
by Gordon [Bud] Perkins
Lt.Dan was my cat. Daniel came into my life the 11th of August, 2017 when he was about 8 weeks old. He was a kitten with a badly mangled right rear leg who appeared in my driveway as if he dropped out of the sky. I took him to the vet, leg had to be amputated, brought him home and fell in love with my little leutenant. Daniel grew to be very a loving and I believe a thankful cat who seemed to remember and appreciate his being saved and given a second chance at life. He also became a rascal who delighted in swatting our other 2 cats and dog when they walked by. Daniel always loved being outside, sunny, cloudy or rainy, it didn't matter he just loved it. He would go outside on a rainy day come back inside have me towel him off and go back outside. Daniel loved playing in the snow, coming in the house warming up and then right back outside making cat snow angels. When he grew older he liked to go outside about dusk and stay out until 10 or 11, come home eat a little have a drink of water and go back outside until about 4a.m. when I would have to get up and let him in. I'm a 75 year old navy vet, sleep in a recliner with CPAC mask due to copd. When Daniel came in he always jumped up on my chair, laid on my chest and put his paws on each side of my face and would give my goatee a tongue bath. Sometimes he would just stare into my eyes, those times I believe he looked into my soul, I don't have the words to describe those early morning melding of our souls, I just know it was Devine intervention. No matter how much I loved him I always had the feeling that Daniel would not be with me with me for long, don't ask me why I have no rational explanation for it. I'm crying like a baby now thinking of those early morning greetings and soul sharing moments that seemed to give me an inner peace that one seldom achieves. Daniel taught me how to give unconditional love, to say I love you, to ask forgiveness and to strive to be the person God intended us to be. I tell my wife that God just loaned Daniel to me for 15 months. Daniel has been gone since November 7, 2018 and my world has been shattered, I have a void in my life that hurts with a numbing, unreal ache. My daughters cat had kittens a while back and I will be getting a kitten this evening. I know she will not replace the Lt., but she will help ease this horrible feeling of loss. I hope God allows Daniel and me to be together again someday, until then Daniel remember I will always love you and I will always miss you. Come see me in my dreams Daniel, it's too hard to say good bye so I'll say "see you someday in the future, be at the bridge Daniel, I love you". I thought I could write forever about my Daniel, but it's too heart wrenching, please excuse the absence of paragraphs, I don't know how to do it. Thanks for reading .
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