Oh mommy if you could only see me now!
by Gremlin
Hi Mommy, i know its been a week since i left you, exact date June 20th 2022. you knew i was sick and suffering and in your heart you did not want me to suffer any longer. you knew i was feral, God loaned me to you for 15 years. time flew by and let me tell you, i enjoyed every day i had. you made life so happy and comfortable and i love you for that. He knew you were praying hard for me. you were asking for a big miracle to take place, because with God all things are possible.... in the end mom, He knows whats best because his ways and thoughts are higher than ours.
Guess what mom? i am healed.... wait till you see me again. i am so gourgeous as you always loved to refer to me. thank you for letting me live my life the way i wanted. people say the average life of a feral cat is 2 years, but mom i lived to 15 years, thank you for providing great food, winter shelters you built every year for me, Harvey and momma cat. oh yes also the summer houses that you bought last year, too bad i only enjoyed them for one summer.
Oh mom if you could see where i live. i am not limited. there is so much to see and do. meadows to play in, hills to run, flowers to smell.
i have made so many friends here. oh yes i am reunited with my brother Sparkey and momma cat. they say hi and they miss you too.
I know Harvey misses me. that morning i know when you found me in the dying position, Harvey saw and she knew, thats why she is comforted.
you went to pick me up, you thought i was gone, i got up and bolted, only to yelp and lie back down again....mom i was a fighter. you had to take me a vet to be put down. you had me in a carrier and your hands on me, crying, feeling guilty and telling me how much you loved me. i allowed you to touch me, considering how much pain you were in for me.
mom, i promise i will let you touch me and pick me up when we get to heaven.
i have made so many friends here and Jesus welcomed me and told me He loves me and let me run free.
no danger here mom....i am in good hands.
mom i know you asked God for a sign, like you did for Sparkey and momma cat, He gave you a couple for me.
you loved to throw those silly venquilitist voices, which made it look like i am talking back to you, mom you were so silly.....you would say, "Gremlin, do you love me?" and in your pretend me voice i would say "AH YES MAN"
then you would say "Gremlin are you a good girl?" and i would reply "AH YES MAN"
So i was told you were driving on the highway a couple of days ago and you just happened to glance over at a licence plate, it said "YA MAHN"
you took it as a sign, as i was talking to you.
then you found that American penny, (we are Canadian.) as you were rummaging thru your sisters old clothes, she brought from the US.You flipped it and it said "IN GOD WE TRUST", what are the chances of all that if it was not from God?
so mom, please don't be too sad, i know you miss me and can't wait for the day, where no more sickness, pain or sorrow will never separate us. remember for now its just temporary. i am alive and well.. we will never part and what a day of rejoicing that will be.
you knew i loved you and gave you those slow blinks even though i would not let you touch me.
take good care of Harvey. i know she misses me, but she is all you have from our gang that started with momma cat in 2006 a Good Friday, when God directed her path you. She left you 4 bundle of joys later that summer. we were not sure what happened to that one little guy from our litter, but he is here too, Sparkey left us in 2007 after being hit by a car. momma cat died in September 2019, now i left, i just transitioned. i was sick but i didn't die.
mom i know you think of me every day. i know life does not seem the same. i know you love Harvey dearly. please keep praying and ask God to keep her around for as long as possible and to keep her healthy and happy and when its her time, i will be waiting. When its your time mom we will all be waiting with Jesus.
Always remember there are so many cats that need love and a wonderful home too.
thank you again mommy, if you could only see me now!

love and kisses from Gremlin in heaven above....xoxoxo
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