Little Houdini
by Hayley Castro
Houdini a baby goat was born on my father's farm in the summer last year. His mother was so skinny she didn't look like she was pregnant. one day in the summer my dad found she had given birth to two small goats. She was moving one of them trying for it to move. But it didn't. My dad felt so sorry for her, he took the other goat which was barely alive inside the house. Put him inside a box next to the fire place. He put a tube into his stomack to feed him. It was touch and go for a few days. He was very weak and small. A little bigger then a ginnea pig. Our two dogs were females and grew attached to Houdini. They too were like mothers to him. They brought him back in the barn and would feed him with powered milk every two hours. Well he survived and became a pet. I found out the week before Christmas they sent 5 young goats to the sales barn where farmers and butchers buy the animals. My father promised he would keep him. They accidently picked up Houdini and sent him. Not realizing it was Houdini. Apparently there was another male goat that looked the same. I phoned the salesbarn and explained to the lady that it was daughter's pet and we needed to know its fate. Found out it was a butcher. Nothing at that point could be done to save him. He was gone. He's not a dog but he was an animal that was loved and cherished. I have alot of pictures of him and memories. For me I am an adult but i am very angry and upset. The feeling of helplessness overpowers me. I really hope that God has a huge heart for all our loved animals. These creatures love us uncondionally and never sin. Will miss you Houdini alot. With Love HP and BCB
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