Roxy - The day we've met
by Heidi
In the hush of twilight's gentle grace,
Beneath the stars' soft embrace,
I met a friend, forever dear,
A soul that's now beyond this sphere.

Roxy, with eyes like gleaming gems,
Your presence filled my heart's deep hems.
With every wag, a world of love,
In your gaze, the heavens wove.

Amidst the whispers of the night,
You bounded forth, a joyful sprite,
Your fur aglow with lunar light,
A guardian angel, pure and bright.

In that moment, time stood still,
A bond forged by a silent thrill.
In your paws, I found my peace,
A love that never knew release.

Though now you've crossed the rainbow's arc,
Your memory etched, a guiding spark.
Through fields of gold, you romp and play,
In my heart, you'll forever stay.

Roxy, dear friend, in realms above,
Know you're cherished, held in love.
With each memory, your spirit flies,
Underneath these azure skies.

Until we meet where shadows cease,
In that eternal, timeless peace,
I'll hold you close within my heart,
Where we'll never truly part.
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