And I Saw...
by Mike Henderson
AND I SAW... by Mike Henderson - 01/06/01 - dedicated in loving memory to our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Bentley ("Baby") ~ And I saw time flash before your eyes on that cold winter morning. I cried by the edge of the sea and looked up into the vast blue skies. And I saw the waves move in ever so slowly. I thought about yesterday, today, and tomorrow and how our lives are yet too begin. And I saw my fingers in the golden grain, making small circles. My heart pounded ever so rapidly as I smiled, knowing you are now without pain. And I saw myself looking up into the air as if someone was inviting me. Yes, it was you inviting me as I cried alone there. And I saw an image on the sea gently lulling on the waves. You stood there in the distance wagging your tail, paitently waiting for me. And I saw myself run to the edge of the shore, the soft sand beneath my feet. Loving memories flashed through my mind as my heart pounded rapidly once more. And I saw the stars fall from the sky as the sea rushed in around my feet. I felt tears run down my cheeck but you wiped them from my eyes. And I saw the sky turn bright, a peaceful white. You nuzzled my face and smiled as I drifted with you into the encompassing light. And I saw all the seasons on earth we spent together. I felt within my soul the beginning of a great new birth. And I saw your soulful eyes and gentle face once again as I held you close to feel your warm loving embrace... to feel your warm loving embrace... to feel your warm loving embrace... forever this time, my best friend, forever.
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