I miss you
by Honor Joslin
I miss you

I knew that one day you’d leave my side
No one can live forever
But I never thought it would be so soon
I thought we’d grow up together

I miss your small meows
I miss you scratching at my door
I miss you waiting for me to pet you
Before you could eat the kibbles on the floor

I want to hold you in my arms longer
Even though you would squirm and shake around
I knew that you loved the attention
And now I can’t help but frown

I don’t know what I can do without you
You were never far from my side
How do I know that you are safe now?
I wish you never died

I want to hide from life forever
I don’t want to be without your purrs
You’ve always cheered me when I was sad
I loved stroking your soft,silky fur

No other cat will be as special as you
Though I would never take back that chance
That on that day when I we were young
We found you abandoned near Nannie’s plants

You are such a lovely tuxedo cat
One that will never be replaced
I doubt I’ll ever be okay without you
But I hope you are waiting for me, in some place.

I hope the angels look after you
I hope they love you dearly
I hope that you are safe and sound
When we meet again kitty.

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