Izzy-Friends At The End
by Isadora Greenberg
As a young child you didn't like me very much. Maybe since you were an American Eskimo you had more spitz in you than your sister Zooey did. When I came home from Russia as an infant when Mommy adopted me you didn't like that all very much. You bit me on the nose even to show your dislike. I mean I guess I can understand. You were so used to just the four of you-Mommy, you, your sister Zooey, and the cat Sasha. Now in comes this squalling squishy thing-me.

As a child I spent most of my time with your sister-Zooey who was the opposite of you-kind and sweet. We didn't do much-we were just there.

And then when I turned six we met Mama. Who brought five more dogs! So now there was eleven of us! Then Zooey passed soon after they joined. It was heartbreaking.

As the years went on we both grew older. And I guess as I grew calmer you grew to tolerate me more and more each day.

And then one day as I came home from school--I saw you--hairless. From what I had been told you had been in a horrible accident at the groomers involving a blow dryer that had been left on for too long.

And that was the beginning of our friendship-my first memory of our friendship.

You couldn't do much you were in so much pain I bet. We put a shirt on you during the day and I remember you were lying in the hallway looking so miserable. And I sat down next to you. I faintly remember tentatively reaching a hand out and petting your head. I was so nervous. But you didn't bite or growl. You actually closed your eyes.

Soon after whenever I sat near you and pet you if I stopped and my hand was in front of your face you would actually NUDGE my hand with your pink nose! I soon enjoyed when you did that and would even deliberately put my hand in front of your nose just so you could do that. It made me smile.
And so our friendship began. I could finally pet you without fear of being snapped at.

And the years went on peacefully.

But as we got older you started to decline. I feared the worst. And it came.
You weren't doing so well. So one day we took you to the vet to get you some fluids and help ease your aching bones. The staff and West Chelsea Vet were amazing. You got acupuncture and fluids.

I remember the last time I spent time with you. We were in the waiting room at the vets. You were on Mommy's lap panting. Not wanting you to be hot I went to the fountain and grabbed you a cup of water which you eagerly lapped up. I still remember that even today years later.

And then they took you back. You were to spend the night there.
But the next morning we got news that you had passed away in your sleep.

I cried. Not only because we had lost you-but because of the memory of our growing friendship. That even though we had not got along in the beginning as we matured we had come to love each other. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?
You were a great dog Izzy. And whenever someone calls me Izzy as a nickname I always smile-because I think of you.

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