p-mail: My Furry Friend's Memoir
by J J Zavada
When a dog dies that has been especially close to a human, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. We are happy and content, except for one small thing. We each miss a human who was special to us, someone who made our life on earth one of joy and purpose. We can only wait for the time when that special human crosses the Rainbow Bridge. That person will call for us on their way to their own happy place they call heaven. Nothing here compares to the joy we will find with them in this heaven.
A few special dogs just sit and keep a watch at the Rainbow Bridge to alert the rest when humans are about to cross over. I, Stanley the Beagle, became one of them. Little did they know that my beagley talents include the ability to project my thoughts across the Bridge.
Like any earthly park dedicated to dog walk and human socializing, Rainbow Bridge has caretakers. I don’t know exactly who or what they are, but I do know they keep this place as heavenly as any dog could ever want. And as I said earlier, some very special residents are given the privilege of keeping watch. This is not an earned privilege. Every dog at Rainbow Bridge is special in some way that mattered to humans. But dogs who served as Guide Dogs for blind humans or K-9 dogs in Police or Military Units take most pleasure in keeping watch.
I had no such credentials but maybe my ancestors who served as Fox Hunters for Royalty held more sway here than any other breed. So I was no sooner settled in and chasing imaginary squirrels and rabbits when I began to think about Lukas. In human years he was only a puppy when I crossed over. Even in dog years it would be a long time before we would be walking and playing together. While chasing rabbits and squirrels is fun, the clever muse that led me to open Fridge doors was now pinging my brain with a new thought. If Lukas can’t come here why can’t I reach out to him over there?
I tried as many ways as my beagle mind could think of to communicate across the way with Lukas. I guess we had not known each other long enough for my thoughts to enter his. So I tried sending my thoughts to Daddy. That worked.
Everything Daddy has written here comes across the Rainbow Bridge from me. This is not how it usually works but I think it worked for me because Daddy is a skilled writer and was open to my thoughts.
I knew this at the time he and Kevin were at my side as the Vet technician was preparing me for my journey across the Rainbow Bridge. Bro Kevin was very sad and even felt guilty because he was not able to nurse me through a few more months. But Daddy was resolute in wanting to give me a merciful sendoff while I was still free of the pain and confusion old dogs feel when they are forced to live on because their humans cannot let go.
During those last moments of consciousness I was able to read his thoughts about me. They were serene and kind with no regrets. So that made him open to any thoughts I would transmit to him from this side of the Rainbow Bridge.
I have passed along all of the memories, both good and bad, that I want to share with Lukas and all of my human friends. Even though I got off to a rough start, the Spirit of Life blessed me with a loving family and many friends, both human and animal. Yes. I count a few cats, a fox, and a couple of rabbits in that list.
I howl often that the Spirit of Life will protect them and keep them all until we meet again on this side of the Bridge.
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