A knock on the door
by Jack Palinsky
A knock on my door, at dinner time December 16th 2016. Standing there were two officers of the law, one uniformed, one detective. "Are you Jack?" My first thoughts were "what did I do now"?
"May we come in?" Freezing cold, of course come in. Quickly stated, "we have just taken into custody an individual and two cats are left behind, "can you help us".
Three days later after being cut out of restricting sweaters (probably well intended) and passing all health checks at the vets the officers returned with paperwork and a cage.
I had just lost Angel, the last of many, many rescues three weeks before and vowed to never let my heart be broken again so I decided to name them One and Two in the order of how they jumped out of the cage so as not to become attached.
Both were seniors in pretty bad shape, under weight and a little ratty, but very attached to one another. They strolled right in jumped on the recliner and made them selves at home instantly.
Of course, my plan to keep aloof and unattached lasted about a day. Sadly One passed just 7 months later from a stroke and Two yesterday from a blood clot that both blinded and disoriented him in a matter of moments.
I have shed many tears for the couple of kitties I vowed not to get attached to. I guess you never know what "a knock on the door" will bring.

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