by Jack Palinsky
To ease my pain and grief, I must tell the readers of these stories of how one simple mistake lead to the death of the last kitty in my care. In 2003, my now deceased son rescued a tiny tawny kitten. The kitten became my responsibility many years ago, he joined a group of many others around 8 when he first came. All we indoor/outdoor kitties, but always in at night. For over ten years every single evening around 7pm I made sure all were in and then closed and locked the basement cat door. My wife always reminded me and asked if all were in, unbelievably on that night she didn't. As the years passed Charlie became the last of the gang, always clingy and kittenish. Somehow four weeks ago today, I failed to close the cat door, he went out and never returned. We have many predators in our area and I know what happened. A moment of forgetfulness and one of the most important things in my life, the last connection to my son, my responsibility, gone, I will never forgive myself, I may heal, but, I always blame myself. Please friends, keep your pets in, if not always at least at night. I forgot, now I daily pay the price.
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