The Day That You Died
by Jackie L
Never in my life have I ever cried
So much as I did the day that you died
How awful it was to give you that one last kiss
Something that once was done daily now is forever missed
How painful it was to walk out that door
Knowing I would never see you anymore
I am so terribly sorry that during your last few breaths I was not there
For I hope you understand that is something far too traumatic for me to bare
What a struggle it was to work that day
Knowing you were drifting to a far off place
Desperately trying to hold it together with a simple smile
While you were fading all the while
I cannot unsee your lifeless eyes
In denial, I comforted myself with euphemistic lies
That you were just sleepy and still had some time
And that you could never leave when you were always mine
But now I must accept that you are gone
That you exist only in spirit shining through the bright rays of dawn
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