My Sophie Girl
by Jaclyn
Sophie loved the snow. She was a foster puppy brought to me from Puerto Rico. Living in upstate New York I knew it might be an adjustment, but she was so young maybe she would not have noticed. The first time it snowed I have never seen her look so happy to want to go outside. She loves nose-diving straight into the soft snow and picking some up with her nose to feel it melt. She loved being out and playing but she would never poop in the snow. Oh my goodness, she HATED pooping in the snow. We were just starting to get her trained to go outside when it started to snow, and that all went out the door. She got the nickname "Poop Dog" a few months before but it's like she turned this nickname into a personality. She didn't care who was around, as long as she got a second away she always went to poop in the same spot by the kitchen. It didn't matter how many times we would walk her, she only pooped in that one spot. I love my poop dog so much, it feels like a piece of me died with her. I love you Sophie <3
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