Once Upon a Time in February
by Jane Fitzpatrick
It's Mother's Day and you're not here. I silently wipe away a tear. Your dying still seems so surreal as I write this heartfelt tale. Once upon a time in February your Dad and I took a ride. We headed up toward Salem, it was a nice day for a drive. As we approached the shelter, we decided to go in. We looked at all the cats and dogs and saw a mini pin. We looked into those big brown eyes and knew you were the one. To share our love and give to you, your forever home. What a joy it was for us to have you in our lives. I hope you know our love for you is love that never dies. I'd give the world to hold once more the dog who stole my heart. Someday we'll both cross Rainbow Bridge and never will we part. (Written from my heart on Mother's Day 2018 for my beloved mini pin Miss Gingerbread. I love and miss you so very much. Jane M. Fitzpatrick (also known as Mommy to my baby girl Ginger)
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