My soulmate tv watching dog
by Janine Garner
Kobe was a very unique dog. He had human qualities of empathy and perception. He smiled when we walked him. But he also watched tv. He would sit on his hind legs and his head would go back and forth as watched the animals. He barked especially at horses and would run behind the tv trying to find them. Everyone used to laugh and laugh. They couldn’t believe how he literally watched the shows. Forget commercials. He’d bark at the animals non stop. I miss that. I miss my soul mate. He was always by my side. We had a connection that I never had before. I’ve had other dogs. They pulled at my heart strings. Kobe pulled at my soul.
He was a coton de tulear and had the cutest Face. People used to drive by when we were walking, point and let out the biggest smile. He was charismatic. Empty does not even come close to how I feel. I miss him so desperately. Not to sound cliche , but I lost my best friend 3 days ago. I can’t cry or scream anymore. I’m just so sad. I will love him forever. I would continue but the sobs are making it difficult to see. I love you Kobe. I love you
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