Mommy, Please don’t cry
by Jasmine
Mommy, Please don’t cry, I made it safely to the rainbow bridge. Mommy, please don’t cry, I am no longer suffering and I am restored back to health. Mommy, it was time for me to go, but remember, my spirit is around you.

Mommy, Please don’t cry, remember all the years we spent together instead. Those 13 years you gave me were everything and more than what I could have asked for. Mommy, please don’t cry, I am next to you, licking away those tears you shed for me.

Mommy, Please don’t cry, I am home now with all of the other furry good boys and girls. Mommy, Please don’t cry, I am not gone forever, just look at all the pictures you took of me and us, when you miss me and I’ll be there, but mostly importantly, I am in your heart.

Mommy, Please don’t cry, please be strong. I don’t like seeing or hearing you cry for me. I’m your guardian Angel mommy and I love you, so mommy, please don’t cry, until next time at the rainbow bridge when we see each other again.
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