To my Eva, mama's girl forever
by Jayda Johnson
I didn't know she would end up being my therapy dog- we had a deep connection from day one, when Kash bought her she would cry to come to my house so he would bring her over and she would run through the entire house going in every single room until she found me. I've always been a big dog lover but it was different with her, there was something rather rare & special about it. She would never let me out of her sight, and she would only listen to me and no one else. She potty trained very easily for me and that's where it all began. I jumped in our pool fully clothed one day to save our pit bull Andre from drowning, Eva ran in the house and brought me out a towel! When we moved to Colorado we would run through the fields as I look back now they were probably my happiest memories.

When I got sick and couldn't do anything or go anywhere she would stay by my bed side, I remember her breathing soothed me. When my daughter had to go away she knew I was broken and she stayed by my side through everything, at times when I was even to weak to pet her she would come up beside me and kiss my face, or rub up against me to get me to hug her. We went on lots of walks, and she had a favorite bench at the park we would go to. She would get so excited when we would go for a ride or a walk and she would jump up and down biting & tugging at her leach

I used to pray that she would stay with me at least until my daughter got home we almost thought we were going to lose her last July when she got really sick but she somehow managed to hang on and she was here with us when our daughter finally came home. These past couple of years she had gotten older and we noticed her starting to slow down a lot. She had a very hard time going up and down the stairs but she did it anyway, very slowly because she couldn't be without me.. She was our gentle giant nice to everyone and always calm & friendly unless someone like Andre was pissing her off! She would always get upset when I had to leave her but I would always tell her that I would be right back, She would wait for me at the driveway and wait for my car to pull up. Pete & I could never leave her for very long because she would get very upset and not want to be without us.

Pete was always so cute with her, he really did fall in love as did our whole Family. Every morning after we got up she would go back in the bedroom and give Pete a kiss. It was so sweet to see. I want these moments back with her, she healed me in so many ways that I can't even express, she was my best friend for 13 1/2 years- my angel without wings. I see her everywhere in my home- and it was so hard last night going to bed without her.

God took her so fast without even a warning, she was fine and happy the night before and then the next morning so sick she couldn't move. The vet told us she could tell Eva had the best Family because we were all their with her as she took her last breath- I told her to please wait for me and meet me on the other side. I thanked her for all the happiness and love she brought to our Family.

I will miss you so much my faithful friend

thank you so much for helping me get through the depression and for bringing us all so many good times and so much love.

Mama xoxo
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