Never forget you!
by Jessa R
Fireball i will never forget the summers we had together, ill never forget those times we came home from vacation and you would be there wagging you're tail,and smiling. I'll never forget when i would crash my bike and u would lick the dirt off my face, or when you would beg for the food off the table. I will think about you everyday and so will bella and betti they miss you and are so lonley with nobody to play with outside. I wont forget yesterday the first time i'd seen dad cry your were 11 years and 8 months old you were the happiest,it was so upsetting to see you suffering. We took you to the vet as soon as possible yesterday you had got put down. We buried you right in are yard and i will come talk to you everyday. Ill never forget the nights i was sad and you would comfort me and now that your gone my life seems diffrent,the house, the noise, it just doesnt feel right. Ill never forget when we put that huge rock on you're grave. I love you so much your were my good boy. My birthday will be diffrent in a couple of days but still i say. "I will never forget you" jessa
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