Yesterdays Gone By
by Jessica Cox
A week ago already
My how this time well flies
I have no idea where you are,
Are you happy? At peace? Do you think of me at all?
Life has been so different
I catch myself say your name
But just the echo of my sadness is all that remains.
We are doing ok, as ok as we can be
For a person and a puppy, who you left so suddenly.
My tears will forever be stained on this floor
Where you once held so much joy.
All that God left me with is happy memories of my baby boy.
And though your body is not around me
I still feel you everywhere.
Your heart is with my heart and thats where you’ll forever stay.
Until God calls up both home, and we are together once again, I pray.
I’ll do my best to keep on living the way you always lived
With no judgement and no hate, just pure love and happiness’to give
Rest easy now my precious handsome boy
You are in the arms of the best now,
he’ll take away your pain.
He’ll just leave you with our happy memories of our yesterday gone by.
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