by Jodi
I got Ember when she was 9 weeks old. She was a Great Dane and was only 8LBS. Ember was my shadow and we started noticing that she was having mobility issues at 3 months old. Ember was diagnosed with Myensthia Gravis and Mega Esophagus at that time.The x ray showed that her Mega Esophagus was extremely bad and the muscles in her throat were not working. Ember was put on several different meds and we saw improvement at 1st but sadly that was not to last. Ember started loosing weight and throwing up 20x a day somedays. She was put on a nausia med and again things seemed to improve. Everything went down hill again and i thought she had Asperation Pneumonia and took her to the vet. My vet did x rays and it showed no pneumonia but it showed that her Mega Esophagus had gotten way worse.The xray also showed that her ribs and other bones were being damaged because she had become malnourished from not being able to hold any food down. Ember was at the failure to thrive point and had actually lost 4LBS in a week.When i saw the xray i knew it was time.I took her home that day and my family got to say goodbye. Ember ate her favorite foods, played with her litter mate who we also have. Ember cuddled with me that night.The next day we got up early, she played with her sister, ran around the backyard them we went for 1 last walk....she pranced and was so happy.We walked to my sister's and Ember visited with her buddies the chickens. We went for 1 last ride her ears flopping in the breeze. At 11am Ember was given the shot and i lost my best friend.Ember was 5.5 months old. She hadnt even had a chance to live her life. She was still a baby. Ember came home with me that day wrapped in a blanket. We burried her in my yard wrapped in her blanket and cuddling her favorite toy a Stuffed Elephant.Ember was always such a happy puppy even on the worst days. She tried to be a good girl through everything she went through. It has been almost a month since she passed and this has been an extremely long painful month.It feels like my ❤ hurts and I cry every day. Im lost most days because my whole focus was keeping her as healthy as possable. We had a routine where she had to be fed upright, held upright for 15 minutes after, burped after eating, meds 2x a day. On good days she only gagged but on bad days she threw up 20x a day or more.Ember was such a loving puppy and wanted to make everyone happy all the time. Ember will be in my ❤ forever. They say that it gets easier with time but so far it dosnt feel like it.
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