by Joe Doherty
He don't like this,he doesn't like that:I'm Crouched down with his head held in my arm- his paw he lifts up and touches my arm in acknowledgement. He doesnt like that-When I leave him alone too long. Or don't give him complete attention when he lays at my feet. Bringing love and total joy to my heart his greatest achievement. He likes this! he likes that!- when I asked him if he wants to go for a walk or if I give him a piggy bone after his meal. Now that he's gone I don't like bereavement. Chasing that laser pointer all over the basement sliding on the floor. Me taking a mental image then one day we'll do this no more. That day came a year or so ago but even through those changes the love and joy still flowed. He was my little buddy my puppy boy my Rottweiler boy little buzzy- an animal can never have too many nicknames. He made me laugh now it makes me cry- Love's Titanic depths the other side of happiness is sorrow- Los is the other side of gain. No matter how much time passes joey-boy without you life will never be the same. I don't like this! I don't like that! Life without you little buddy it's harder than I realized. Oh joey boy you came and you gave-never taking. Your bowls are empty-my soul is missing. We don't like that;not beING able to hug our little buddy-joey-boy I miss you!
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