Then came Apollo, then came Max
by Joe
When an animal is with you for a little over a decade when they're gone there is definitely an emptiness there. Mine was a Rottweiler,he was unique. Just as every animal is to each owner. He's gone just about a month now I put him to rest. Putting a dog or an animal to sleep is one of the hardest things to do watching them close their eyes. I already had a Shepherd pup at this time but I hadn't been paying too much attention to him, now, him and I have become real close. I call this one Apollo. I feel a little guilty because I love him as much as I loved Joey Boy. He was Joe Rottweiler boy little buddy little Buzzy and several other nicknames I threw out there at him. I'm doing a little bit more with Apollo than I did with Joe and I feel bad about it but I can almost feel him when he comes to me and touches my heart it's always a sadness but I can feel him there. But I imagine any pet that is passed over the Rainbow Bridge telling their owner like I feel him telling me, it's okay, go ahead and love him love him, all you want; he would want me to be happy. I think they would all want their owners to be happy. But here's the funny thing;my daughter stays with me and because Apollo seems to be closer to me she wanted a dog as well. So now we have a part Rottweiler and part Shepherd pup
Two dogs but the Rottweiler
hauntingly reminds me of Joe. He couldn't actually be a reincarnation because he was actually 8 weeks old when we got him and I put joe down about a month ago, but the funny thing was that when I pulled a laser pointer out max immediately recognized it and played with it the exact same way that Joe used to. And when my daughter takes photos of these animals there's all kinds of little orbs and she took a video and there was an orb swimming around her room that's strange. I was feeling up Joe's water bowl every day, and opening the window in my car for him even though he's no longer here, but I stopped doing that now,I feel a little bad about that till I feel him telling me it's okay. My other dog, his name is Max. Apollo and Max I have now: they almost fill the Gap left by Joe. They said though when I think of these two pups and that one day I'll have to do the same thing with them. Washington Eagle going to Joe's paw that was one of the hardest things I've seen and I've been around for a long time I am not a kid it just affected me hard. I'm older actually in I wonder if I'll be able to run through the fields as much as I want to with Apollo and Max
I guess the point of this whole story is that just time goes so fast too fast sometimes and if we can find a way to slow things down and cherish the moments that well that would be something. I wish everyone this loss of fur baby that they find some Solace some inspiration and some new Joy.

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