Time after time
by Joe doherty
If you're lost and you look you will find me Time After Time.. every morning I fill up his bowl with water. When I'm driving I roll the window down just a little bit so we can stick his head out and let his drool Fly Away in the breeze. It's getting a little bit easier. I'm adjusting to the fact that when I call him it seems to call me immediately I can tell by the sadness in my heart. All I have to do is say come here Joey Boy come here little buddy. I have a new Shepherd puppy now I took him yesterday to one of the spots that I used to take Joe to. I know that if I want to avoid the pain I'll just stop thinking stop calling to him but then I might not ever see him or Feelesser him Again. It's hard getting used to having him around and spirit when that spirit is a sad type of energetic feeling. I heard that song on the radio Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper. That's when the floodgates of my heart open. I would guess that is true of all the fur babies that for anyone who misses if you feel lost and you call we will find them Time After Time.
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