Celebration of a beautiful life
by John Wyer
Godiva (Porkchop) came into my life in November of 2007. We had thought we were getting a teacup Chihuahua, but she turned out to be a Chiweenie. She was chocolate in color hence the name Godiva.
This is a celebration of her life and love that she gave me unconditionally. The funny things that happened like her chewing up my glasses and shoes like any normal puppy. Running and playing in our huge back yard with her "sister" Tinkerbell and later with her newer "sister" Bambi.
When she jumped in the lake because Tink had accidentally fallen in and she wanted to see what it was like.
When she comforted me in my several illnesses and stayed by me to give love and care. She slept with me in my chair when I had to sleep upright with a leg infection. She was beside me every step of the way while I was battling cancer twice. She was also right there when my wife passed due to cancer. She comforted me when we had to put Tink to sleep. I would have been very lost without her love and care.
We climbed mountains, walked trails on the mesa near home, took many trips to Phoenix and Show Low, watched TV together, and snuggled comfy each night.
Porkchop went to be with mommy and Tink on June 3, 2016 at 10 AM. She laid her little head on my hand for the last time. She had inoperable cancer and I just couldn't see her suffer any longer.
This is a celebration of her unconditional love and all the fun we had in her short 8 1/2 years of life. I know that she and mommy and Tink are waiting for me. Someday we'll walk and play together again.
Thank you God for this wonderful little life that I was blessed to share. I only wish is that we would have had more time.
Looking forward to being with you again, Porkchop. You guys be looking for me.
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