My Dear Friend Chico
by John Palmer
A Dear Little Friend- About five years ago, I stopped by our local pet shelter to "have a look"...I wasn't intending to adopt a companion. I walked through the shelter and came upon a cage with a little dog sitting in a bed...he looked so forlorn and lonely. I instantly said, "this dog is coming home with me." We sat together for a while, seeing how we would do together, and he was so scared. I went to do the paperwork,and then Chico was brought out. The minute the leash was put on, he started bouncing around and his tail was wagging uncontrollably! He was so happy...I think he knew that he was free of that cage and was going to a good home. And he was. I brought him first to my mother's house and he immediately ran to her chair,jumped up,and settled down next to her...she was so happy. I decided that Chico was now her dog, and I would help her take care of him. She loved Chico so much, he was a good friend to her until she passed away. My brother and I then began to co-care for him. Whenever the leash came out,he was so excited, he loved to go on walks and see the sights and smell the smells, and whenever another little dog came around, he was so excited to meet a new friend. He was a wonderful friend. Then somehow he injured his back and was in a lot of pain and discomfort, and treatment for him would have been very involved and extremely expensive. I knew what I needed to do, and it broke my heart. I decided to give my dear friend rest a home, I couldn't bear to take him into the clinic. The vet came to my home and we started. Chico was finally comfortable, and after a while, the final injection was given, and my dear little boy crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday, November 28,2023 at 3pm,after standing at the edge of the Bridge, wanting to cross over. He was a wonderful companion and brought joy and happiness to many people. I loved him with all my heart, and it terribly hurt, but I was glad to be able to give him the rest and comfort that he so richly deserved. I'm so glad this little guy came into my life, he brought me so much. Thank You Chico, for everything you did for were a four-legged blessing. He gave so much, and asked for so little. Rest In Peace, good and faithful friend.
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