Otis, My Dear Friend
by John
Otis, everyday I walked you, I got to enjoy your smile. With your droopy Boston Terrier face and big brown eyes, you always made me laugh. I wasn't just your Daddy and your best friend, I was someone who needed you. You listened to me and lent me an ear. You comforted me in my darkest times better than any human ever could. You've been gone 2 and a half years but I still think about you every day.
You were young when you died...only 4 years old but your unexpected kidney failure and watching you get sick hurt me like no pain I ever felt. I did everything I could...the vet did everything she could...but suddenly, I had to let go.
I miss you Otis. If I ever see you again, I'll never let you go again. I won't break that promise twice. I hope someday to ensure your sloppy kisses once again, stroke your fur once again, and most importantly, walk with you again so I can enjoy your smile and laugh like I used to laugh when you were around. I miss you.
Love Daddy
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