To Godiva
by John Wyer
A beautiful light was extinguished
Two years ago today.
My precious friend has gone before.
I celebrate her this way.

That little light that shined so bright
Has faded into time
That little light that shined so bright
Still shines in my heart of mine.

For every light that fades
Something beautiful remains.
A life time of precious memories
And all the joy that they contain.

The comfort of her laying beside me
The joy of our long walks
The beauty in the depth of her eyes
The happiness in our long "talks"

She raised me up with her beautiful spirit
She loved me beyond compare
For me the sun rose and set with her
A happy little girl with a big heart to share.

By my side through my darkest hours
She would invariably be found
To let her daddy know she cared
And her empathetic love abound

More than a pet
Maximum love until the end
Porkchop was my rock
She was my very best friend

To no longer see her bright eyes
Nor her pretty face
My heart will hold forever a void
No other can replace

As she would lay there beside me
Struggling for her breath
I saw that awful road to follow
Leading to her death.

Godiva was almost nine years old
I thought we had more time
Insidious cancer took her from me
As she was in her prime.

Her beautiful heart no longer beats
Her eyes no longer shine
Her little head laid down to rest
In the arms of the Devine.

Beloved Friend
09/10/2007 06/03/2016

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