Carl I miss you
by Joseph DiNovi
In the quiet hush of the twilight's gleam, A whiskered friend, a cherished dream. Carl, dear companion, with fur so fine, Crossed the rainbow bridge, a star to shine.

Paws that pattered, a soft, gentle purr, Memories linger, a bond that'll endure. Through sunlit days and moonlit nights, You brought us joy, with love so bright.

Now you tread on a bridge of colors aglow, Where gentle breezes and meadows grow. No more pain, just endless play, In the realm of dreams, where you now stay.

Though tears may fall like gentle rain, Your spirit dances, freed from pain. In our hearts, you'll forever reside, A furry friend, always by our side.

So here's to Carl, with love so deep, A loyal companion, in our hearts to keep. As you traverse the rainbow's embrace, May you find peace in that sacred space.
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