Ruka 18
by Joseph DiNovi
In memory our Ruka, our feline friend, for eighteen years, you brought love.
You chased the sunbeams through our windowpane, and in our hearts, forever you'll remain. Your whiskers brushed against our weary souls, in your presence, our lives were made whole.
Through countless nights, you nestled by our side, your love and warmth, we could never hide. Now you've crossed the rainbow bridge up high, In kitty heaven, beneath the endless sky.
Though you've left us, your spirit lives on, In every purr and every gentle yawn. In our memories, you'll forever stay, Ruka, our dear friend, in our hearts, you'll never fade away.
With gratitude for the joy you've brought, we’ll cherish the moments that time has wrought. In the tapestry of our lives, you'll be a part, Forever and always, etched in our heart.
Patty n Jay
By joe D
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