God Gave Me A Sign
by Judy
Wisney was my cat - I always called her "my little cupcake". She was my heart - she loved me and I loved her. I only had Wisney for 10 short years - she was surrendered to a rescue shelter when she was 7 years old. She really adopted me because out of our entire family Wisney picked me to be her mommy. I have this cozy little room in my house that I call my reading room - it was Wisney's and my room. It has stain glass lamps and a small couch in it with Wisney and her blanket on one side of it and me on the other. I would hold a book with one hand and pet Wisney with the other - if I stopped she would poke me with her paw and look up at me with her big round green eyes that always reminded me of giant marbles - Wisney was always with me. She had the softest smallest purr and the biggest appetite - she loved to eat. She was loving and extremely sensitive - I loved taking care of her - just being her mommy - loving her was so easy - so fun - I miss her so much. Wisney developed an inoperable tumor and she died at the age of 17 years old - one year ago today on August 17, 2015. The morning she died we were at my veterinarians office in a little room with the lights turned down very low. As I held Wisney while she was slipping away I called out to God in complete desperation and through my tears I told God I needed a sure absolute sign that He would have Wisney my precious little girl in Heaven with Him - I had to know with complete certainty that Wisney was going to be in Heaven with God and that He had to give me a sign - I was heart broken - all I knew was my baby girl was dying in my arms and I had to know she was going to Heaven the moment the instant she left me to be in God's loving care. I wanted to say a prayer over Wisney I was so distraught all I could think of was "The Lord's Prayer". When I finished the prayer I whispered to Wisney that would forever be "our prayer". I then heard a text message come to my phone - I was irritated that I had not turned it off and ignored it. My baby girl died in my arms and a part of my heart died with her. I gently kissed her good bye and left my veterinarian's office carrying Wisney's blanket that she always laid on next to me on our little couch in our reading room. I somehow drove home - I sat in my driveway for a long while - I did not want to go into my house that would now be so cold - so different without her. I then remembered that irritating text message that had come to my phone while Wisney was dying. It was a message from one of my sons who did not know I was at the veterinarians office with Wisney. I opened up the text to read it - he had sent me a picture of The Lord's Prayer. God gave me the absolute sure sign I had asked Him for that He had taken my baby Wisney home to Heaven and was taking good care of my precious baby until I got there. I thanked and Praised God beyond any words I could possibly describe. He is always good and faithful and even though I miss Wisney every single moment of every single day my heart is not as empty as I concretely know God has Wisney in Heaven. I have my baby girls ashes in my reading room and her blanket next to me on our little couch. I thank God for being there in the darkest saddest times. Wisney is in Heaven with God and one day I will be there with her forever and ever. Amen❤️
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