It's gonna be okay!
by Juilianna
If only you knew the love I have for you, it hurts how deeply in my heart that I want to see your face and wish you was near. Not long my friend have you gone away, but a long the way has not been only happiness but the life I had with you. The joyfulness and laughter you brought me stays in my heart for all enterinity, ill never forget the times we played or been together throughout the day. I'll never forget the nights you layed with me and was there for me whenever I was in a dark place. It's not over my friend, your with me wherever I go. Stay calm, cause I'm okay. Im at peace now, no longer hurting or crying out in pain. I promise mommy and daddy it's okay no need to cry cause I'm away. Fear no evil because im with you every step of the way, or wherever you go. Even though, you may not see me im watching you and cheering for success. You got this, i love you my friend. <3
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