Midnights’ month
by Julianne
Midnight was my cat, he was the best cat there ever was, when i was scared he would comfort me and lick my tears away if i was sad. he made me feel safe and i didn’t feel alone anymore, it will be 3 months, Feb. 27th.. he was put down without my knowledge by my parents and i was heartbroken, he was diagnosed with cancer and he was suffering, unfortunately he suffered for over 2 months and i still hate myself for it, i still cry just at the thought of him and cried while writing this, i’m 13 btw, and he was the most amazing cat to live. i can’t wait for the day i cross rainbow bridge with him and no cat could ever replace him, he helped with my depression and anxiety and without him i would be dead by now. So midnight if you can see this, i just wanted to let you know i miss you so much and i love you, i can’t wait to see your little white paws frolicking in the grass again, i’m glad i got to kiss him the last day he was alive, i had a feeling it would come to an end soon so i played with him as long as i could.. i love you midnight, but i still wish we had more time together, you were like my best friend and brother, and i will always have a piece of you with me. mwahhhh!!! thanks for reading this and if you have a pet, love them past death, because before you know it they’re gone and there’s nothing you can do about it. <3
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