My Angelcat Meatball
by Julie Cirillo
My Dearest baby boy Meatball
On July 3 2023 god called you back home
I'm thankful you were not sick with cancer for long but suffered in that short time
I wish it was me that had cancer not you but Every thing is in God's hands
You were a delight the 10 years you were mine
After being displaced/homeless from hurricane Sandy for 4 months I returned to my renovated apt and the next month you became my cat. My love was for black n white tuxedo cats as you were one but had an all black face so handsome n unique.I soon discovered unlike most cats you oddly loved water it was so funny to watch you dip your paws in your water bowl and drinking cups then flick water in my face like I was being blessed with holy water I soon bought you a superman drink cup logo n all that was your cup n a collection of all holiday cups too.You loved trying to lean your body up against the vegetable crisper when I opened the refrigerator door had me believing you were Aquatic in another Lifetime A fave of yours wad running bath water I believed you debated taking a plunge but never did You loved when I sang even if you were napping my singing brought you right at my feet. We have been living in another apt the last 3 years it has been horrible to say the least how grateful i was to have you with your sweet quirky ways especially your head nuts I am looking for a new place to live n am coming up empty handed I will not move from here until I find a happy peaceful place I wish Meatball you would have hung in there till we found a better place so you could feel the way you did when you first came into my life in that fantastic apt I'm so scared there will not be a place for me n miss you n wish you were still here for me Love is love it never dies you are gone my heart has unbearable pain You are my boy my Prince pussycat I hope you are pain free eating yoi r fancy feast food n drinking your water some thing you couldn't do because you were sick Please love n guide me to a peaceful place Meatball angels can do that I know God gave you wings shine yoi r Love Light on me u til I see you again.You are my Baby Boy thank you for 10 years of hapoy sad dark n light I love you always your mom, Julie 🌈🐱💜
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