The Short Lived Child
by Kaden Thompson
The Short lived Child by WolfPaw

Block off the paths, ignore every tree
Flowers stop the pollen to the bumble bee
Silence the birds, songs not allowed
Pass every field now baron ploughed

Pack away their bed, collect every hair
Parcel up their toys balanced on empty stair
Wrap up their food & donate to good cause
Mop up the tiles of once travelled paws

Hang up their collar & lead dangled loose
Best friend has gone, they'll have no more use
Gone are the causes, the reasons to laugh
The grass can grow long now, we shant need its path

Box up their clothes & wash up their bowls
Wipe all the smudges from wet nose & jowls
Stare at the clouds and think what you'd pay
To ask their creator for just one more day

But can't you feel that occasional tug
On your invisible lead and mile
That they are in every child's loving hug
Cant you see them in the dolphins smile

They are in the wisdom glint of a knowing horses eye
The whiskers of a mischievous seal
In the very flint of the rocks you together once walked by
So my friend you won that heavenly deal
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