My Wagging Tail
by Karen Kulage

Remember when you found me
So soft and furry and cute
No kennel could contain me
From my happiness absolute

I picked the perfect family
And just have to let you know
My happiness and energy
Came from our future yet to grow

My tail wagged constantly
As a reminder to you
Just how much you meant to me
All my earthly days through

Remember our long walks
And my fascination and awe
With every leaf and creature
And every person that I saw

You took such good care of me
For so many years
I am your friend forever
Even though I am not here

The day I went to heaven
I saw your grief and tears
But know I'm in a happy place
And yet I'm always near

I never like to see you sad
So please try to remember
All the happy times we had
From January to December

So when you see reminders
Of my life here on earth
Please know my tail is wagging
As it has been since my birth
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