Our Daisy girl
by Karena and Brian McDanie
Daisy showed up on our porch about last fall...... she was this tiny fluffy emerald eyed kitty. We thought she was a baby.....she finally let Brian pet her and eventually came inside ....this was at the time we had to say good bye to Aries , my baby my Air Bear. He went to the rainbow bridge Nov 1st. After Daisy became our indoor cat she helped heal my heart. she filled a space left so empty. she was loving , purred all the time...fell over when we went to pet her she was so happy. then she started to have little accidents, we gave her her own litter box and placed puppy pads underneath...took her to the vet twice did not help....yesterday she went back she had been stumbling, falling, and looked like she had lost weight. the vet ran tests did not find anything but she was now 3 lbs. i got the call about 2 hours ago.....the vet said it did not look good her enzymes and electrolytes were off...she had and erratic heart, she was having trouble staying warm, and worst of all to me she was having seizures.....we made the difficult choice to let her go.... i love her so much, i thank god for her...we will see her again....air bear will be waiting for you our little Dai-Dai Daisy girl . just look for him at the rainbow bridge.....mommy and daddy will see you again.
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