by Karina

My best friend for 7 years. When i first got her she was 4 months old, from the beginning i loved her so much. I loved having a puppy, she was so smart and very protective over me. She always knew when something was wrong with me and would always lay her head next to me so i can know she was there.The day I lost her was probably the worst day of my life.. Our story together was so amazing, I've never had a dog for so long, she survived so much.. I've always blamed myself for her death, I feel like maybe if i would have paid more money she could still be alive, but I didn't and that's something i'm going to regret my whole life, there is one good pure thing that i still have from her and that's her two babies, she passed away when they were a week old, I had to raise them myself with the help of my mother, we bottle fed them until they were old enough to eat solid food. September 21, 2017, was the day i lost her,she had been having breathing issues the night before and the next day before i went to work I got someone to take her to the vet, when she got there they gave her some medicine and put fluids in her system,everything was okay until i received a call from my mom at 1:50 pm, she was crying and screaming asking my poor Cinnamon to keep her eyes open, in that moment i didn't care about leaving my job early, I rushed to my car and drove so fast, tears were falling from my face I couldn't even see, my poor baby passed away and i wasn't there with her in her final moments. When I got home i rushed into my room and there she was,her limp body turning cold by the minute, I dropped to my knees screaming, begging her to wake up I cried so hard it broke me so much, I kissed her and asked her to come back to me, but it was too late my sweet baby wasn't coming back at all, I laid with her crying for hours and I made a promise to her that no matter what happened I will take care of her babies and give them the best life ever, as long as i exist those sweet innocent puppies were going to live as kings and will never go hungry. She now is buried in my backyard because I knew that she would want that, she would want to stay in the house that she protected for 7 years, I cried so much after she passed away, I slept with her pictures for days. I will forever miss my baby there's not a day that goes by that I don't think of her, those big beautiful green eyes, her beautiful long hairy tail, the hair on her legs, the way she would always lay on her back so I could rub her belly. She was my best friend for so long, my protector, my daughter... I will never forget you my sweet sweet Canela, I will never get over your death, that broke my heart into so many pieces. I will always keep my promise of taking care of your babies Max and Canelo, they never saw how beautiful and smart their mom was, but I did and I will never forget everything you helped me get over. Until we meet again my sweet fur baby.. I love you..
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