Together again.
by Kathy
In April 2013 our first Guniea Pig ( Maxx ) was having medical issues
on line I found a Guniea pig by the name of Harvey who was 2 years old
and was in a Rescue only 12 miles from us.. Being my Dad's name was
Harvey I had to have him in honor of my Father... At the time his foster
Brother was also up for adoption. Finally in July of 2013 I talked my
Husband into taking his Foster Brother too.. He came with the name of Baine
that we did not like.
We changed his name to Buster... These two were always interacting with
each other in their two cages and even then they were together... They were
a joy to have around...
2017 has been the worse year of my life, January 9th my brother died of
cancer... Then Feburary 4, two days after his actural 26 year Indian
Ringneck Parrot Titan passed away.. Every one knew he wanted to be with my
brother.. they were always sharing cookies and nuts etc...
then on March 4th Buster joined my Brother Marty and Titan at Rainbow Bridge. It was very sudden.. ( Respiratory I think) so we go Irving from
a Pet Store.. Irving and Harvey became friends too.. and interacted....
As Harvey was about 6 years old recently his health started to fail in
general.. he lost weight etc.. Well this morning we found he had crossed
Rainbow Bridge a few mins before we got up.. They are all together now and
will be looking down on us at Christmas time... and we will be remembering
them at the same time..
Today irving who is only 9 months old, stayed in his pigloo all day, he
knew something was wrong.. Since the arrival of the new pig , who name
is not going to be giving to me till morning... they both have been interacting.. I hope they both form a long and lasting friendship
Comments would be appreciated by the author, Kathy
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