True Love
by Kathy Weisman
My husband and I got Titan then he was 6 weeks old. ( 1991 ) a couple years
after we moved in with my Dad after he had a Stroke..
My brother also lived in the house...
Over the years you could see the bond between Titan and my Brother Marty
Then Marty got home from work he would let Titan out of his cage and they
both wondered to the computer room for a feast of cookies or nuts.
Then my Brother was expected him , Titan would start calling for him and
this would continue till Marty got home..
We all had a happy life...Till
July 2015 my brother learnt he had stage 4 colon cancer.. He was in and
out of the hospital for surgery and went to a nursing home for Rehab...
The smile on both their faces the days we had Titan in for a Visit..
Marty was admitted finally to the home as he got weaker.. and with the
cooler weather we could not take Titan to visit...
Finally in Early January the Doctor told us Marty only had days to live.
Finally on January 9, 2017 my brother passed away from Stage 4 colon cancer and a possible stroke..
As we were arranging the funeral we made up our minds that Titan would
attend the Funeral too.. He sat in the family pew and sang along with the
hymns.. Clearly he was honoring his " Uncle"
The days after the funeral you could tell that Titan was trying his best
to accept the fact Marty was gone...
Feb 2 was his birthday, he enjoyed the attention and the cookies he got..
He was 26 years old... and proud of it..
On Feburary 4th about 3 pm my husband had Titan and the other birds out
for exercise.. He called me to the living room to see what Titan was up
too... I found him in a seizure.. He did not come out of it.. As I held
and hugged him I could see him getting weaker till he finally passed away.
It is very clear that Titan long to be with Marty again...
Now both of them are playing on a computer in heaven snacking on a cookie
or nuts..
Till we meet again Titan and Marty take care of each other...
We will see you both of you some day

Love Mom and Dad
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