Unexpected Crying
by Keira
I had two bunnies. One called Zeus and the other called Lottie. They both lived in a outside hutch that had plenty of hay, food and veggies provided in for them. We had been looking at moving houses for a quite a while. My mum told me we were going to move houses. Of course I was excited, new start and I could get to look after the bunnies more as I would now have shops to go to so I could get toys for them as where we originally lived there was a tiny corner shop that sold sweets and chocolate and a few grocery but nothing special. The moving day came. Everything went super well! They got settled in and comfy together in their hutch which we put in the mini shed we got in our new house, surrounded by brick and a black door that shut. Everything was absolutely fine! They were acting normal but obviously a bit curious as they had never seen this place before. One day I went into their mini shed to feed them as I had just bought their favourite treat - kale and carrots. As I walk in , I smell something awful. I stop and thought to myself how odd it was. I took a few steps further in and there was my baby Zeus. He was lying down.. I am 13 and didn't know what a rabbit looked like when they were gone. He wasn't breathing and it only meant one thing.. he went to heaven. I started crying and told my mum he was lying down not breathing. My dad goes and checks and he nods as we all start crying.

I was EXTREMELY sad and upset after that. Me, my sister and my mum go to the shops and buy a box to bury him in and a cute rabbit statue to place on top. I was silent in the car thinking to myself, how , what, why , when , who ?

I get a Sainsbury's bag and pick him up from his cage, Lottie - my other bunny - panicking and thumping as this was her best friend since they were babies.

We place him in the box and bury him underground.

A month goes by and my other rabbit Lottie isn't acting as she usually does. She is sleeping more often , not drinking enough and looking at food and turning away and I start to worry every time I go into their mini shed thinking the same thing happened to her. And it did...
She was obviously getting depressed. This made me feel heartbroken.

I go in to feed her. She is in the corner laying in an odd position. I could tell something was wrong.. she was gone. I burst into tears as my dad comes over and gives me a hug. I was very upset. I had to take a walk to the beach and clear my head. A range of things filled my mind like - I wasn't their when she passed away - I could've saved her - I'm a bad owner. I did the same thing I did to Zeus to Lottie and buried them next to eachother.
I had to clean out their rabbit cage a few days ago so some people could come collect it. After I had cleaned it out , a white feather came down into my hands - a sign of an angel near or close to you.

I was happy that they could see me and I knew they were together in heaven
I love them forever and even though I still cry , I know that they aren't in pain if they were and that they are okay.

I love you both very much
Lots of love , keira

(Thank you for reading).
:) x
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