One more day with you...
by Keith

One more day with you… “VENUS V05”
If I had a day, just one more day
My spirit would sing my heart would smile
my face would glow and I would know
that God has heard my prayers
The grass would be greener, the Sun brighter, and the sky bluer than ever before
Missing you has been so hard …
We would throw the ball and play in the hall
And my tears would be no more
Your smile would light up my heart
As it always did before …
We would go for a ride and later I’d hide
And you would come and find
We’d take a nap and I’d wake to a lap
from your big ole sloppy tongue
The glint in your eye and the sweetness of your smile
Would warm me through and through…
Your energy would get me out of my chair
And we would go out there
And you’d hit the ball like a seal…
Over the fence in another’s yard and it would be so hard
but you would insist so I would persist
And alas would finally toss it and you would do it again
Mama would laugh as I was stuck on the fence
And as I struggled I hear her exclaim on the phone
that I looked a bit like Big bird while my knees hurt to the bone
We’d eat our dinner and food would flow from my mouth to yours
The pack leader always feeds the pack but he gets to eat his first
And as night fell and it rained or snowed we’d go out and sit in the storm
And watch together as the storm raged comforted by the warm glow of the light from our home
as the night wore on and sleep prevailed and we both were just so tired
We’d go to bed and you’d get your treat, I’d kiss you goodnight and
tell you how much I love you and you’d fall asleep at my feet
We’d dream of all the things we’d done and all the fun we’d had
Fun no other could share because they weren’t there to see
The glint in my eye and the smile on your face and the love that the two of us can be
The happiness we allow the other to have as we play out in the yard
A love no other could understand, that words cannot explain…
And now I wake and you’re not there and I’m left again with all the pain
The tears return, the emptiness too and it appears my one more day was in vein
But was it worth it some might ask and to them I will reply
To have one more day with the girl I love…?
I’d give it all with no regrets Just to see her smile
So goodnight my sweet and we shall meet
When God decides it time
for me to make my journey to the Garden in the sky…
I Love you sweetheart… Papa
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