Bill the Kitty Poof
by Kyla Stump
We had adopted Bill 2 years ago from a shelter. He was the only one I liked. I liked the other cats, but I liked him the most! We bought him and took him home.

Bill was the calmest cat I have ever seen. He would even let me put him on my head like a hat and he wouldn't bite or scratch! He was the best cat.

One day however, he had peed on the furniture and was thrown out in the garage. I was scared he would run away, but the opposite happened. He always came back.

He had been like that for about a year. He would meow at the door when I was downstairs and getting ready for school. Since this happened for a year I didn't think anything would happen to him. I was wrong.

One day, he didnt show up at the door. I just thought he may be out catching another rabbit or something.

Three days later...

Nothing. No meow. No one saying theyou saw him. Nothing. I started to think maybe one of the neighbors picked him up and took him home. So I ended up downstairs watching tv which wrapped up in a blanket.

When mom got home, everything went downhill. She said Dad had gotten a call that oIran cat had gotten ran over. At first, he thought it was the wrong cat cause Bill was so wild. But it was Bill.

I had cried and cried. And I still cry. It hurt to lose Bill. I may have another cat, but it still hurts.

I know he can see me. I know he's looks down at me and smiling. But then he frowns as he misses how I pet him and talked to him. He knows I cry.

One day while I was crying, I could of sworn I heard him meow. It was faint, but I could still hear it. It's as if he were saying, "Don't cry. I'm right here. And when you pass, your can see me. And then we can hang out like we did before I had left."

I don't care if you don't believe it, but that's what I heard. That is my story of my cat, Bill the Kitty Poof.
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