Empty Bed
by Leilani
I do not like mornings.
I detest waking up from a warm bed
I do not like mornings.
I wasn’t fully awake when I got the call
The call when I found out you were gone and the other was missing
The next call when they found him, and he was gone too.
Both gone.
In one morning
Both gone
I hate mornings.
Especially now that I don’t wake up to your wet kisses
To your soft fur
To your barking
And your howling
My babies…
Were you scared?
Were you looking for me?
Every morning I search for you
Every morning I am met with cold sheets
I miss you
My giant lap dogs
Dear Lord,
He’s heavy but he likes to lay on you
Dear Lord,
He doesn’t like to be held much, but he loves butt scratches
Dear Lord,
One doesn’t give kisses, the other one loves to give kisses
Please take care of them
Until I can see them again.
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