Story of Coco
by Lily Bailey
Coco came to us when he still puppy maybe less than 1 years old. My husband, Rudy had sleep apnea, and Coco always bites his nose when he sleeps, we wonder why?. Later we found out he try to wakeup Rudy. So Rudy said Coco has talent and send him to Service dog Schools in Carmichael and he go to school with him. Rudy had so much patient to train coco. After a year coco passed his class and got his Service dog jacket. We are so proud. In 2010, rusy passed away, every night for 2 months, coco always sleeping facing the bedroom door, hoping Rudy open the door and called him. Now, I can feels cocs heart ache during that time, losing his Dad. It mayeb the same like me now, heart ached looking for him. My poor boy.
Coco's was always good, sweet boy, he listens and understand you throughly.He's so adorable, everybody loved him so much.He became old and his back legs became weak, I know it was typical Chihuahua sickness when they are getting old. He have to drag his leg to walk every morning and night. but he's so happy want to walk, he teach me a lesson,NEVER GIVE UP !!!.Before he sleep on a couch but since he can't jump anymore, I bought him another bed, soft, round one and he loves it. He always sleeps with me in patio...also in my bedroom. He pees incontinencely and I bought him diaper to wear. He 's not reject it. How sweet boy.He pooped uncontrolable and I just clean it up and NEVER SCOLDED him for that. I understand he's begin old.I have to wakeup at 2 AM, $ AM and 6 AM to let him got out to back yard to pee or poo but sometimes he still make mistake by pooing on carpet.Oh well..
I have to do Bisopsy this monday, August 31, for awhile I told coco, mommy sick so we cant walk and I put him outside to back yard, he understand. I oredered him his food so hwne I am in hospital, he has enoguh food to eat.
Wedenesday morning, Coco go out to back yard and I lay down in patio then I am looking for him..he's no where..suddenly I found him infront of front door, layed down and GONE. I can't believed it !!. He's GONE ????. then we bring him to funeral home to creamte. And will pick up his ashes next week.Coco why you left mommy before my brithday this Saturday, August 29. i know there's a time he has to go but I am still not READY for that. But one think I m sure, coco know we love him sooosooo much and he know it. HE was SPOILED because he's my only boy. I don't have a kid.
Well, coco, I hope you meet your Bababp, Rudy and he cna spoiled you more in there.Until we meet again one Day. mommy always loves you, missed you every single minutes
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