The Rainbow Bridge
by Lily
Just this side of Heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge
The lands here stretch far away, much more than just a smidge
When an animal dies that has been very close to someone here,
That animal goes to Rainbow Bridge, so the owner knows they're near
There is plenty of food and water, sunshine and cozy beds
On Earth, their owners are relieved that their pet is happy and fed

The animals who were ill and old are restored to health and youth
The animals who were hurt are made strong and free from abuse
The same way we remember them in our dreams of days gone by,
But sadly times passed all too quickly, the time came for goodbye
The animals are content and at peace, except for one small thing
They each miss someone very special, who has not yet gained their wings

They all run and play together, but then will come the day
Where the eyes are big, the ears are up, and it's time to stop the play
The animal flies away from the rest, jumping over the lush green grass
They know what they're about to find, their beloved is here at last

You have been spotted by your special friend, and when you both finally meet
You cling together the joyful reunion your pet has been waiting to greet
The happy kisses rain on your face, your hands caress the head
And you look once more into the trusting eyes, so glad for what's ahead

You missed each other for so many years since the very day you part,
So long gone from your life but never absent from your heart
But now you have finally reunited, you're here to stay forever,
It's time for you and your friend to cross the Rainbow Bridge together
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