A Visit of Love
by Linda Rollins
A Visit of Love

You came to visit me last night while the world was still asleep.
But I'd know your purr anywhere, all rumbly, slow, and deep.
Did you know how much I needed you? Is that why you came?
Or did you hear me, softly calling out your name?

I opened up my eyes and I still could hear your purr.
All that was missing was the touch of your soft fur.
You always seemed to know whenever I needed you.
And with your sweet kitty love, you knew just what to do.

You'd crawl into my lap and softly purr real slow,
Your special purr of love so I'd be sure to know
That nothing else mattered 'cause you were here with me.
Sitting there and petting you, of course I would agree.

I know you came to comfort me as you always did before.
So your sweet and loving purr could fill my heart this one time more.
That you're now young, safe, and happy--is this what you wished to tell?
Is this the message that you brought me, so I would know as well?

I know it's just a visit; because with me you can no longer stay.
But love lives on forever; it never goes away.
And so you came to comfort me in the only way you knew,
With an ever-faithful heart purring your love out strong and true.

I'm glad you came to visit and once more share with me your love.
'Cause I have no doubts you wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge above.
I'll try to be happy as I know you want me to.
But for the rest of my days, my heart still beats for you.

--Linda McMurry Rollins
For my beloved cat, Oakley.

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